My Gardening Obsession Part 2

So this is the second part to a two part post. As of now I have begun harvesting purple cabbage, kohlrabi, peas and green (and burgundy) beans. Oh and a few tomatoes and sweet peppers. Everything else is taking its sweet ol’ time.


Pea flower


Attempt at square foot gardening. A little too full I think. Kohlrabi, broccoli, celery and a couple sweet pepper.


The dew on a broccoli leaf looks like glitter.


Sugar snap pea plants. The trellis is 5+ feet high, the plants tower over it!


Flowering cilantro


Two varieties of pepper plants. Realized we shouldn't have planted different varieties so close together, oops!


Flowering dill, cauliflower in the background


5 thoughts on “My Gardening Obsession Part 2

    • Thank you for the lovely comment! Some days I really don’t have the energy to tend the garden. I will check out your blog now before I head out to my garden to deal with sudden powdery mildew on my sugar snap pea plants.

  1. Kristy,
    Your garden is absolutely stunning. You should feel so proud of yourself. I’m proud of you! Good for you.
    Do you have any favorite recipes? I would love to see the glorious foods you’ll be cooking up.

    Best of everything to you, Kristy. I was thinking about you today and wanted to check in. I didn’t expect anything less.

    • Thank you so much for the kind words!
      I plan on making tomato pasta sauce when there’s enough tomatoes to pick. Right now they are very green and not full grown.
      I love cooking many foods and baking. I will post pics of some meals/baked goods in the future.

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