Time Really Isn’t On My Side

aussiegall / Foter.com / CC BY

Time has been getting away from me the past week, more than usual. Hours have been going by like minutes and I can’t keep up. Before I know it it is bedtime for my youngest daughter.

I am missing WordPress, my three times a week posts aren’t occurring lately. Being able to read posts every day hasn’t been easy either. I think I may be having blogging withdrawals, I feel like something is missing in my daily routine.

Tending my large garden is eating up several hours throughout the week also. I think we have planted too much. I haven’t counted but I am estimating we have at least 15+ different plants growing. Watering, weeding, thinning out, separating and transplanting is enjoyable but hard work.

With the kids being out of school for the summer I have had to entertain the youngest one. She is in need of my attention much of the day. You would think an almost 6 year old would be happy with entertaining herself some of the time.

At least once a day I hear “Moooom” from one of my daughters then another “Mooooom” from another daughter. Demanding my attention consecutively. I really don’t mind it, however it does make it harder to get things done.

With the weather finally being bright and warm we all have been spending almost every minute outdoors. Either taking walks, going to the parks in our town or just sitting in the backyard enjoying each others company. It is difficult to be inside the house when we have been cooped up for 9 months this past winter. I am sitting at our patio set writing this post as my youngest keeps herself busy by making mud in a pot.

h.koppdelaney / Art Photos / CC BY-ND

I set aside some time today to try to get my daily routine back so I can fit everything into the limited amount of time I have. I wrote a daily to do list which includes several things such as working on my book, doing blog posts and working on my youngest daughters summer speech therapy. It starts on Monday and I am crossing my fingers in hopes that the lists will work.

One more thing, due to so much going on I will only be posting on Mondays and Thursdays. There may be times where I will only be able to post once a week. Maybe when life and time slows down a bit I can get back to posting three times a week.

Photo credit: aussiegall / Foter.com / CC BY
Photo credit: h.koppdelaney / Foter.com / CC BY-ND


9 thoughts on “Time Really Isn’t On My Side

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    • Spot on! I really do live in the here and now :). Even though I believe in setting future goals I put much of my concentration on today.
      Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog

  2. Still, gardening must be nice. I haven’t planted anything since grade 5 and now I’ve got some basil plants in my balcony garden which makes me so excited!

    • Maybe I should’ve just stuck with some herbs on my patio ha! Oh you can grow lots of things in containers like tomatoes. Don’t need a yard to have a garden 🙂

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