Dangers Of Over Consumption Of Alcohol

Hamed Saber / Water Photos / CC BY

Never knew she would be the one to die so soon and sudden. It devastated me yesterday to find out she died. I sobbed on and off most of the day. I can’t believe she is gone. She was so young, mid twenties and a mother to a beautiful girl.

She was a beautiful woman both inside and out. Her laughter was contagious and she never judged me. We told each other many things that most people didn’t know about us. I absolutely adored her and I admired her strength.

I just cannot handle death, I am feeling such loss. Grief is worsened due to the possibility that the cause of death could’ve been avoided. And the fact that the little girl lost her mother makes me even sadder.

fallingwater123 / Foter.com / CC BY

Why didn’t anyone who was with her help her the night before it happened? Why didn’t they see she was extremely intoxicated?! Why, why, why??

I still can’t believe it, I keep thinking it is some sort of dark, horrible joke!!

I never though an alcohol poisoning death would hit so close to home. As I think about the other people I know who drink alcohol excessively I wonder if they may be next. Do I say something to them? Make them aware of what could happen when they toss back a case of beer in a night? Or do I just keep my mouth shut?

Do we as a community express our concerns to those that are “pickling themselves”? The binge drinkers who don’t think about how dangerous it really is, they may think “it can’t happen to me, I can handle my liquor.”

Binge drinking/alcohol poisoning is a huge issue. More awareness needs to be out there so we can all try to help those that may need it.

If you or anyone you know has a drinking problem seek help. May save yours or your loved ones life.

Information on alcohol poisoning—Medical News Today

Information about binge drinking—CDC

Information on signs, effects and helpful info for alcohol abuse—Help guide non-profit website

Photo credit: Hamed Saber / Foter.com / CC BY

Photo credit: fallingwater123 / Foter.com / CC BY


3 thoughts on “Dangers Of Over Consumption Of Alcohol

  1. I can FEEL your pain. From my own personal loss of three YOUNG family members to Drunk Drivers–with the most devastating circumstances as well….i am also a Recovered Alcoholic (& drug addict) whom shares in your frustration with the behaviours of others especially surrounding children etc. i don know the story but i am deeply sorry for this loss & your pain …resource ways u can get involved with organizations against drunk driving–you could even go to an Alanon Meeting to help you with the understanding and grieving process. People their are very welcoming and warm, with a TON of experience. J9…

  2. Always heartbreaking to hear of one die so young. Especially with children involved.
    A lot is made of drug abuse, but I think the numbers pale in comparison with illness, family breakdown and death caused by alcohol.

    • I realized today that society doesn’t look at how much of an issue binge drinking, alcoholism and dangerous effects. So much focus is on cigarette smoking compared to alcohol abuse.

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