New Baby On The Way!

Whew! Such an eventful, nerve racking week!!!!

Last night my daughters contractions were getting stronger and she had some “trickling” a few times. We all waited patiently for signs of full blown labor. I fell asleep around 1:30 last night, I just couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer.


Hunter's foot

Around 4:30 this morning she woke me saying her and her fiance were going to the emergency room due to pain getting much worse. I was really grawgy so I didn’t quite understand what was happening. I vaguely remember me saying, “my car keys are in my purse”… least I think I either said that or maybe I dreamt it.

When I awoke around 9 this morning I recalled early morning events. I text her fiance and was told the drs were stopping her contractions and that it was just a false alarm. I didn’t believe drs for a second, I knew baby was ready to come today!

A few hours past and as she was getting discharged she got up off the hospital bed and her water completely broke! Not just a trickle, she thought she peed her pants!

So due to her having a c-section with her first child and her supposedly being at 35 weeks ( which I think is wrong, I think she’s more closer to full term ) the local hospital isn’t equipped to handle delivery of baby. She got transported to a hospital 1 and 1/2 hours away. Unfortunately I can’t make it there until early tomorrow morning.

I am full of anxiety and a nervous wreck. Once again I also feel helpless. I want to be by my daughters side to help her through all this. But I am also thankful her fiance and my good friend are able to be there with her. Makes me feel a little more at ease.

My new grandson should be born between now and 7:00 my time ( Central time zone ). Anytime now!! Excitement and nervousness is making my stomach a wee bit upset. Won’t be able to eat dinner I’m sure!

As for my hubby, he was discharged from hospital this morning. He is still in a small amount of pain however, he is much better.

I am looking forward to life going back to being “normal”. Well my life has never really been normal but I am looking forward to even a little normalcy. And I am praying nothing else is going to happen this week!


4 thoughts on “New Baby On The Way!

  1. I have learnt to always trust a woman’s/Mother’s intuition.
    Good luck- and good news on the husband from too. Quite a week.

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