Our Memorable Anniversary


I feel helpless, the moment I woke this morning I found my husband curled up in excruciating pain. There was nothing I could do to take that pain away. His pain tolerance is quite high, to see him close to tears in fetal position scared me.

We had plans today, our 6 year anniversary, to go fishing and to just be thankful we have made it through the downs of marriage. But instead I brought him to the ER due to his horrid pain.

As I sat here, before he got a shot of painkiller, I felt so helpless. I know what severe pain feels like. I wanted to make him feel better. Only thing I could do is rub his arm and tell him it’ll be Ok and the Dr will figure out what’s wrong.

At this moment the painkillers have kicked in and his mood has lightened. He gets extremely agitated when he is in pain, I feel sympathy for the nurse and Dr. Once again I know what it feels like to be in severe pain, pain can make people irritable and tolerance for anything is almost non existent.

We have just been told ( while I was writing this post ) he is having a diverticulitis flare up which has landed him in ER four times in the past five years. Hopefully he won’t have to stay the night tonight. First time he had a flare up he was in hospital for three days.

All I know is this will be a highly memorable wedding anniversary. It will not be easily forgotten.


11 thoughts on “Our Memorable Anniversary

  1. Wow…I was coming to thank you for your comment on one of my posts. I have a daughter that goes through this sort of thing (only at home) since she was 7 years old. We hav finally found some doctors to listen now because her pain, school days lost, missing out on friends, and her own personal growth really has somehow been stunted due to this unknown stomach condition. It is NOT as severe as your husbands but u r not alone in the helpless place…look forward to reading your bubbly posts upon his return to health and send you both much strength and support xoxo Jeanine H

    • I feel such sympathy for your daughter! I am sorry she has to go through all that :(. For a child to have to go through it is really sad however I am happy you finally found a Dr. who will listen and help your child. It can be extremely frustrating when a Dr refuses to believe and/or listen to a patient. I went through that myself for almost two years.
      Once my hubby comes home and is well I will go back to my usual posts. Thank you very much for stopping by my blog and sending us strength and support. So very sweet!!

  2. On the up side, you guys are together and seem to really love and care about each other. God’s blessings to your family. I pray your husband feels better soon,
    Happy’ Anniversary 🙂

  3. This has been in my family for ages. I suffer from IBS and the flair-ups are not only painful, but also devastating to our plans/schedule. Sorry this had to come on your anniversary.

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