A Sad Ending Equals An Exciting Beginning


The past school year has been an exciting journey. My 5 year old is at her last day of preschool today. I feel both sad and excited at the same time.

I keep picturing myself bringing her to the bus stop on the first day of kindergarten, my eyes well up with tears. These are the times where I wish I could stop time and keep her 5 forever.

I ask her if she is excited to start kindergarten in the fall, she tells me she doesn’t want to go. She also told me why, I usually ask her why she feels the way she does. It helps to get to know what is really going on in her little mind. She went on to tell me that she will miss her friends and teachers in preschool. We live so close, walking distance, to her preschool that we will be able to visit once in awhile. And some of her friends will be going to the same school in the fall. She seemed to feel better after that and now she is excited.

But as I did my best to make her feel more at ease, I secretly felt sadness and also some nervousness. I hid my feelings from her, she didn’t need to see how I felt, that would’ve only made the situation worse.

I don’t want to let go, I want to hang on! I know I need to let her grow and be independent but she is my last child. I won’t be having anymore babies. I suppose that’s why many of the youngest children in families get spoiled by their parents. Maybe it is a sense of loss. They want to hang on because they know there won’t be anymore, those precious moments will never happen again.

I have been doing a lot of reminiscing lately. I frequently tell my kids stories of when they were little, I think back to those moments and feel even more loss. And as my mind slowly seems to be “fogging” up those memory’s are fading. I do believe it may be time to document all the memories of my children. Maybe write a short book for each of them and for myself. Snippets of events, funny/silly things they did, and all the things we did as a family.

In this situation I suppose I should look at how the sad ending really does equal happy beginnings.


8 thoughts on “A Sad Ending Equals An Exciting Beginning

  1. Hi Kristy,

    I am also at that stage. I used pictures to capture the moment until the teen years where it was like pulling teeth to get a decent shot ).

    With digitalization, I am not sure what to do with my old pictures that are literally stuck in photo albums.

    BTW, you have a long way to go…there are still all sorts of fun and growth awaiting you. Your idea of writing snippets is an excellent one, nothing beats heart felt words. -Angela

    • Oh yes the old 35 mm photos! I have many albums full of photos from when my older kids were young.
      I do have a long way to go and I should at least be thankful :). I am thinking of maybe a journal type book for each of my girls. I am hoping it’ll be complete by Christmas.
      Thanks for commenting! Take care!

  2. What a heart-felt post Kristy. I so understand as I have my youngest now in high school and the memories do fog up (especially, I believe, because of so much medication). I love your idea of writing the things that you remember for them while they are fresh in your mind. I have done the same to some extent. i wish I had done it more through the years than I have.

    • Thank you :).
      I am on four different meds so I am sure that doesn’t help, you are right on that one.
      Over the years I would try to write down bits and pieces of what my kids did and/or said but it isn’t easy trying to remember to document it all.
      I suppose it is better late than never :).

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