Brain Farts

My mind is extremely fatigued today. Why? I do not know. I don’t know how to get past this. I can’t even write a decent blog post. So this is all I got. Just a post about how some days my brain is working against me. I don’t even feel like working on my book.

I don’t even know what images to include so this post will not have photos.

Once my brain was sometimes in a fog, now it is almost everyday. I cannot put into words what it feels like, it is unexplainable.

I honestly don’t even know if any of this is making sense. Supposedly I am and have been experiencing “fibro fog”. I do have secondary fibromyalgia caused by chronic pain/injury. When I write blog posts it literally takes all I have to complete them. Some days I don’t have enough brain power to work on my book after I write a blog post.

My memory is lacking, I need to set alarms for just about everything. Alarms to remind me to take my meds, alarms to remind me to make appointments, and lists everywhere to remind myself to do other things.

I often forget to comment back to those of you who comment on my blog posts. I apologize and hope you don’t take it as me being rude. I do get notified through email once in awhile that you comment but not always. Unsure why that is.

Only times I automatically remember anything without reminders is when it has become a habit/routine. Such as taking my daughter to school.

I have always had “brain farts”, you know those times where you suddenly forget something or you can’t find the right word. But those brain farts are happening more and more. I’m not even 40, yet my mind works almost like an 80 year old.

Can any of you relate?

Now my brain hurts, not a headache but more like a deep ache. Like when your muscles hurt after a good workout. Time to end this post, maybe my mind will be good enough to write tomorrow.


8 thoughts on “Brain Farts

  1. Reading this is making me feel so much happier about life. When I do a post sometimes I just don’t know what to say and I panic that I don’t have an interesting life at all! My brain needs to start getting more excited I think instead of being lazy and boring!

    • I panicked and worried about what I wrote on my blog in the beginning. Now I just write! Just write about what you feel and what you think :). I can bet your life isn’t boring.

  2. Yes, yes and YES. Today it was really bad for some reason for me. This began for me when my thyroid stopped working. And I haven’t been taking my med for it (financial) and thinking is like wading through a swamp. I feel for you, and totally got where you were coming from. So you communicated successfully. 🙂

    • Sorry to hear you are dealing with the same brain fart issue. Yes! It is like wading through a swamp, I am having a hard time coming up with the words for this reply ugh!
      I appreciate the comment 🙂

  3. I too can relate. Such a scary feeling. I find myself having panic attacks when the fog happens! Stay strong!

    • Oh yes it is scary! I am scared I may not be able to write anymore. It has continued into today and I have no clue what to do.
      Thank you for commenting :).
      Take care!

    • Fatigue can really mess with the mind. It is horrible! I would love to chat about it :). Probably not today though, “fog” hasn’t lifted. It is almost too difficult to even reply to blog comments.
      Take care Angela 🙂

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