Rabbit Poo And Politics

Just a sampling of some things I experienced last Sunday, which also happened to be my unplugged day. Kids can be gross and hilarious no matter how old they are and I realized my brother-in-law truly is something else. He is something else in a funny, good way though. I just wanted to let it be known I am not bashing him in any way.

~ My husband and bro-in-law were messing around with our dogs kennel and doing some yard work. I was sitting on our not so comfortable patio chair with my legs up on the other patio chair (too bad I couldn’t bring recliner outside) reading “Midnight Dream” by Emma Stish in paperback that I borrowed from the library. I will be doing a review of it on my other blog, A Beginners Writing Journey. I wanted to read books on my tablet however the glare prevented me from being able to see the words.

~ As the men were working hard and I was reading my book, Peanut and my niece were playing and enjoying the beautiful warm weather we were having. Every few minutes I would glance over at them to see what they were doing. One of the times I looked they were sitting by a depression in the ground. It looked as though the two girls were picking up little rocks. I asked them what they were doing, and one of them told me they were picking up hard, little balls.

I thought for a second and asked them to show me. To my surprise, they had collected about ten little rabbit turds! I told them to throw them into garbage and scrub their hands!! Ugh kids…..they are so gross haha.

~ The girls went into house to wash their hands. When they came back outside they crouched down by the swing set. Once again I asked them what they are doing. By this time I had put book down and started writing ideas ( sudden inspiration, gotta love it! ) I had in my notebook. Peanut comes over to me and drops a night crawler onto my notebook that I was writing ideas in. Dirt and worm poo streaked the pages. Yep gross!

Ben McLeod / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-SA

~After I wipe the dirt and poo off the page I was writing on, my ideas were gone at this point, I went back to reading the book. All was well, the girls were swinging and men were working while I sat on my rear and read.

~ When the men took a break, hubby stole my “foot rest”, bro-in-law started talking about the health of our country. He peaked my interest because I have several opinions about the subject so I put my book down and joined in on the conversation. I won’t get into details because this is not the point. My point is how bro-in-law argued with me about President Obama being on his second term. He is on his second term, hubby and I both told him several times. However, no matter what we said bro-in-law did not believe us. It was quite funny actually.


~ Ladybug brought her big, white cat outside. She didn’t want to put him down for fear of him taking off. Our cats aren’t outdoor cats because of the wild predators that roam in our area such as wolves, coyotes, and fishers. Fishers are mean little animals, they are one of the very few that can  successfully eat porcupines. So she came up with the idea of putting him on a leash. Poor cat! Every time he tried to run the leash would stop him.

edenpictures / Foter.com / CC BY

While this was happening I saw a boy ride his bike down the alley, yes that is normal however what he was wearing was not. His outfit consisted of a Batman face mask, Batman pants and shirt and a Superman cape. It was so cute, it made me giggle.

Wade Rockett / Foter.com / CC BY-ND

~Ladybug sat at the patio table with me. At this point the men went to drop off a truck topper at a friend’s house. We then heard a loud roar of a muffler on a race car across the alley. A guy was revving car outside his garage and repeatedly drove in and out of his garage.

After about 10 minutes of that Ladybug yelled, “Knock it off! You’re going to cause me a seizure or coronary!” I looked at her with that stop it mom look and she then spoke quite seriously, “Shhh, I know what I am talking about! Wait, no I don’t.” Her little phrases make me laugh uncontrollably sometimes.

Of course they didn’t stop. Made me really think about wanting to live in the middle of the woods where no neighbors could be seen for miles! Small town living does not equal quiet.

After about 10 more minutes he finally stopped. He then switched to his loud dirt bike, revving it down the street which I heard even when he was four blocks away. I was irritated at this point!

All I really want to hear is the chirping of birds, cries of loons, chatter of squirrels and the little voices of my children.

Source: Fisher http://www.dnr.state.mn.us/mammals/fisher.html

Photo credit: edenpictures / Foter.com / CC BY Fisher

Photo credit: Wade Rockett / Foter.com / CC BY-ND Batman mask

Photo credit: Ben McLeod / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-SA Worms/night crawlers


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