Cyber Bullies And Trolls-update 5/10

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It is easy to type hurtful words through cellphone messaging, email or Facebook. Much of the time the trolls and bullies wouldn’t dare say those words to the person face to face, cyber bullies/trolls are cowards because of that very reason.

Blogging sites are also not immune to cyber bullying. The blogging community call them trolls. A troll is defined as a person who sets out to be hurtful towards others, they try to make everyone miserable and they DO NOT know what constructive criticism is. A good example of how vicious a human being (troll) can be check out this blog post by a fellow blogger here on WordPress (disclaimer: there is some profanity within post) by clicking here.

One cannot see the reaction on the other persons face, they cannot see the tears rolling down their face or the look of complete humiliation. And sometimes the people don’t even know each other. An all out war may start where several people get involved. They bash going by assumptions and opinions, there is absolutely no facts. It is complete ignorance.

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Name calling and revealing personal secret information about people on social media is out there for the world to see. Sometimes the pain and humiliation is irreversible. Scars remain, they may forgive but they will never forget. The old saying, “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me” is further from the truth. For me, I would rather get slapped than hear painful and hurtful words.

So much drama and pain could be avoided if people thought long and hard before they typed out those words. Hurtful words put together can cause deep sadness, so yes words can hurt.

If you are a cyber bully/troll ask yourself the following question, what if you had those hurtful things said to you?  Have some respect for your fellow human beings! 

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So many incidences happened yesterday ( Wednesday May 1st ) that inspired me to write this. Arguments I had through text, my daughters being swore at on Facebook, and a fellow WordPress blogger who got bashed for absolutely no reason. Many articles were written about cyber bullying however there needs to be more awareness. It needs to spread like wild-fire. We all need to do our part and make more people aware how detrimental cyber bullying is. I am including links below for more information.

One more thing to keep in mind is if you are being bullied through electronic means or face to face TELL SOMEONE! And if that someone doesn’t help you keep trying to find someone who will. We cannot allow this to keep happening.

Update: 5/10~~~This shows how serious bullying really is. Ladybug found out something about a middle school boy in a town she lived in. With her permission this is what she posted on Facebook. Also made me cry!

This whole bullying thing, its old and it is not necessary. Hearing and seeing that a kid got bullied and got pushed to his limit is now dead. That’s jank. Bullying does not make you cool, popular, liked or wanted. Its pretty f..ked that a kid from my home town died today cause of some a…ole’s bullied him. I did not know you, but I have to say, I hope people learn from this that bullying does harm and cause suicides.
Rest in peace Eric. You will be truly missed.! Cyber bullying Statistics-Internet Safety 101 (I normally do not read too much into stats however I think this is important). End Cyber Bullying Organization Prevention Information Facts, Stories and Prevention Information



Photo credit> ange < / / CC BY-SA  Bandage

Photo credit: kid-josh / / CC BY-NC-SA Girl Being Called Awful Names

Photo credit: Jacey F. / / CC BY-NC-ND Bullying Is Everywhere It Shouldn’t Be


6 thoughts on “Cyber Bullies And Trolls-update 5/10

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  2. I was also bullied as a child; I guess then it was a rite of passage. Today we have so many ways to vent and rant.

    I think cyber-bullying will grow as long as we maintain our unhealthy appetite of for sensationalism and violence.

    Shhh… BTW, kids are no fools, they mdel us (general sense)! 🙂

  3. Kristy,
    1) Thank you for the support. It’s these little gestures that make a difference;
    2 But more importantly, kudos on raising awareness on cyber-bullying. It really is a real plague. I’m sure you provide a safe virtual environment for your daughters, just by generating conversation around trolling.
    Le Clown

    • As a child I was a victim of bullying so this really hits home for me. Of course at that time, erm way long ago, there was no such thing as cyber bullying. Even as adults we can’t seem to get away from bullying!
      Thank you for commenting and the kudos, much appreciated.

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