Is Spring Really Here?

Peanut and Tadpole holding hands

Peanut and Tadpole holding hands on an evening walk

Birds have finally come out to play in the puddles that were formed from the fast melting snow. They chirp loudly because they too are happy the warmth of the sun that has finally come.

Running water in between two mounds of melting snow

A small sign of Spring

Everyday the large snowbanks get smaller and I grow happier the smaller they get. The dreary, cold short days of winter could quite possibly be gone. I say possibly due to past years we have gotten snowstorms in May.
We took a huge advantage of the warm weather Saturday. Sun was shining for most of the day, just a few wisps of clouds scattered in the sky. Not enough to block the sun though.

Paintable chalk drawing of a caterpillar

Peanut and I painted on the driveway with paintable chalk. I think I enjoyed doing it more than she did

Walks around the neighborhood noticing many people have a lot of yard clean up to do. To me spring is a dirty season, at first. Mud splattered on the remaining snow piles, brown/yellow grass covering most of the lawns, garbage that has been buried under the snow for almost 7 months, no flowers sprouting yet and no leaves budding.

We have now traded the snow boots for puddle boots which is perfectly fine with me.


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