Being Unplugged For A Day

frayed computer cord

Photo creditsmswigart / / CC BY

The feeling of not using my laptop or tablet for a whole day yesterday ( the 21st, Sunday ) was almost like someone took my coffee away. It is horrible, isn’t it? Could it really be internet addiction or maybe I just love the internet? I have written a blog post about Dependence/Addiction To The Internet, click here to read it —–> yep right here

I had told my kids and husband on Saturday night that I will be going “unplugged” on Sunday. I don’t think they had much faith in me. They said “Maybe you should bet money on it mom.” I think that is a sign I need to do unplugging more often. Of course telling them all that I wouldn’t use my tablet or any computer in the house made it so I would be held accountable ( there was a small level of regret for announcing it to everyone ). I honestly DO NOT spend every waking moment on the internet. I spend time with my kids and my husband everyday. In fact, in about an hour I will be spending time with my oldest daughter and my granddaughter :).

My social media accounts and WordPress have become a habit or maybe it is just a routine. I have to write everyday, YES every single day. I can’t help myself, I have to write or connect with others through the internet. It is a need not a want anymore.

I am going to admit something, I did cheat a little, yes just a wee bit, and went on Facebook and I also sent out an email.

I still wrote yesterday however, my writing was done on index cards, recording my ideas before they were lost. My husband couldn’t understand and made jokes like, ” You just can’t stop working, can ya?” I tried so hard to explain to him that my short term memory is almost non existent, and he even knows my memory is a huge problem. Why does he say such things? He may be joking however, at times I can be sensitive.

Even though I had a  difficult time being unplugged there were moments where the thought of checking Twitter or other sites didn’t interest me. I plan on completely avoiding the Internet every Sunday. After a few weeks it will become routine I’m sure.


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