Our Beloved America Is Slowly Fading

Raymond Larose / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND

Gray skies have fallen onto Boston today. Blood spilled as explosions rocked the marathon. Runners and spectators who were completely oblivious of what was to come, I can easily speculate that thoughts of bombs exploding were far from their minds.
Did United States Government let down their guard or once again did they not heed the warnings? Intelligence should have had some kind of information before this horrific act happened.
Safety of our beloved country fades as we have lost the safety net of long ago. It really can happen here, so many live their days in the safety of their bubble. Ignorant and naive they are. They assume these kinds of things only happen in other countries, not the powerful USA. Several incidences have happened in our country that prove they are ignorant. Their bubble has been popped.
My first thought was, is everyone Ok? Then second thought was, how could our government let this happen? I am pissed off and very sad by it. How could they kill and injure my fellow Americans who have done nothing?? No human being deserves it.
I also wonder, what city is next? One can only hope that the three bombs that went off are the only ones.
Many aspects of the USA are changing. I am scared for my children and grandchildren and what they will be facing in the next decade or even this year. I do believe we are heading downhill fast and today’s bombing just proves that belief.
I am feeling helpless, I want to reach my arms out and hug those people who are physically and/or emotionally hurt. I want to do something, anything but not sure what a small town living, half disabled woman can do. Only thing I can do is pray and keep them in my thoughts.


6 thoughts on “Our Beloved America Is Slowly Fading

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  3. Sorry for not commenting until now Paula. I had to do some research on April 19th so I knew what you meant by that. I didn’t find clear information, would you please explain? I would really appreciate it :), I am also an info junky, I need to know lol.
    Thanks for your comment. Hugs to you too Paula ❤

  4. You do have a very good point however, this was a post about how I felt and what I was thinking at the time. Some feelings have changed though. Our government says to not worry and that we Americans are safe. Well Boston sure wasn’t safe that day. And we have to wonder what may next and will we be safe then?
    The response by the providers was fantastic, they really seemed to have taken care of the situation. And yes even though they didn’t suffer physically we can safely assume they are suffering emotionally. I can’t even imagine what all of them, including the injured and families who lost their loved ones, are feeling.
    Thank you for your comment, it is nice to get an opinion that is opposite of mine :). We ( meaning me and the WordPress community ) are not always going to agree, and that’s Ok.

  5. I too am angry at what happened! But we can’t blame the government for everything…and we don’t yet know the facts. There is worse that can happen and it would be foolhardy to think any entity can prevent this.

    What I am proud of are the responses of providers and volunteers….their actions are our hope. I can imagine those Hospitals being flooded with patients and over-worked providers. Providers working long hours without time to deal with their own shock at witnessing and taking care of trauma victims. I worry about the emotional cost to all!

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