I left our kids at home alone

Butterfly Mind

Home Alone Rules for kids on andreabadgley.com black and white photo of index card

My husband stood at the kitchen window on Saturday.  A warm spring breeze fluttered the curtains.  He eyed the blue sky and watched joggers cruise by in short sleeves and shorts.  His legs twitched to run intervals.  “I think the kids are old enough to stay home alone,” he said.  I stopped, fridge magnet in hand, about to pull the grocery list down and stuff it in my purse.  My key ring jangled on my thumb.

“I don’t know, babe, what if something happened?” A tumble down the stairs.  Smashed fingers. Shards of broken glass.  A meteorite.  I told him about last summer, when our daughter crushed her finger trying to fold up a wooden TV tray, and the kids couldn’t free her without my help.  “She was screaming in pain,” I said.  I nodded toward our son.  “He was hopping from one foot to the other, wringing his hands…

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