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I am slowly heading from being a novice/beginner blogger to the next level, I am hoping anyway. I have only been blogging for a little over a month. I have noticed that my blog is starting to change, I am unsure at this point where it exactly is going. I suppose that is to be expected in the infancy of a blog. To my followers, please stick with me through this unknown period :). I promise I won’t veer too far from my topic.

I still have so much to learn however, I have already learned a great amount of information from all of you, the wonderful people on Twitter ( I broke down and got a Twitter account about a week ago ) and the plethora of information on the interlink.

I honestly really love having a twitter account so far. In fact, I think I have potential to become a twitter addict in the near future. If you’d like, follow me on Twitter, @krisdw76. I am a tweeter ( or is is twitterer, I am still learning the lingo ha ) who follows everyone that follows me, with the exception of  spammers ( bots ) or raunchy people that I end up blocking.

I enjoy reading all the funny, interesting and informative blogs on WordPress. Many posts I read make me feel something and that’s the part I enjoy the most, that could be the whole point of a blog. Either it can inform, make people feel or get people talking.

I will be including a few of the blog links at the end of this post. I apologize if I didn’t include your blog, it isn’t anything personal. I can only include the top five favorites of mine. If I included all of my favorites I would have about 30-40 blogs listed. That isn’t practical. However, I will make a future post to include more of my favorites, I promise :). - This is one of my pet peeve's...

Onto the rant portion of this post about what I have come across in the blogosphere. I must be honest, I have developed some pet peeves about  blogging. The main one is when I see people use too many complex words in their posts! My first impression is that the person is a pompous ass and I immediately stop reading when I see too much of it. I do have an extensive vocabulary however, you will never see me use them word after word after word, it just isn’t REAL in my opinion. We can be intelligent without trying so hard to prove we are. I want to see posts that are real, like I am reading an informal letter from a loved one.

I cannot bring myself to read 1500+ worded posts, I think I have ADD because I cannot read the entire post when it is that long. I usually leave their blog and read others. I like seeing posts that get to the point with some detail but not a huge amount. This isn’t so much a pet peeve, it’s more of a preference or it could be combination of both.

Forty years of rock and roll has completely destroyed my memory
Or the blogs that have so many ads, and/or cluttered crazy sidebars that are full of color really bug out my eyes. I click the back button or click on Reader to look at a different blog because the clutter causes me anxiety. Simplicity is king or queen when it comes to blogs and even websites.

I love reading posts on blogs when the background color is soothing like light blue or light yellow. I am also attracted to blogs with a black background, probably due to being easier on my eyes. I honestly don’t like white backgrounds, it hurts my eyeballs ( something is wrong with my eyes, I am actually seeing a Neuro Optometrist in the near future ). Once again this isn’t really a pet peeve, it’s more like a preference. Even as I type right now with a white background it bothers my eyes.

I am highly attracted to posts that include interesting and/or beautiful images. When I wrote my first couple posts I didn’t include images, I learned just by looking at other blogs that images can really speak a 1000 words. I now try to include images in my posts.

When a blogger is writing jibberish ( really makes no sense ) or a post that really has no flow or point is a turn off. Or if a title has nothing to do with the post. I see a title, click on it then ugh post has nothing to do with title AT ALL. There isn’t even a smidgen of similarity whatsoever.

It is like when a retail store shows something in their ad for a very low price ( lowest price of the year ), you go into that retail store to purchase that rock bottom priced item the first day its on sale, and low and behold the item isn’t available so the sales people try to talk you into a higher priced item. It’s a sneaky way to hook a customer in. I worked in retail for a long time, I have seen it done.

What are your pet peeves or things you enjoy when reading blogs?

I really enjoy reading the following blog because of it’s positive and inspiring content. He has inspired me and helped me get motivated. He also tends to post frequently which is a huge plus.

The following blog is mainly about humanity. She is a blogger who writes deep, intelligent posts. I thoroughly enjoy reading her blog. She is also a kind woman who calls her followers “flowers” :).

What do you get when you mix humor and intelligence? The following blog. Very enjoyable to read. Disclaimer: If you are easily offended do not click. But if you want a good laugh then click below.

I really love reading the posts on the following blog, he isn’t afraid to express his opinions which I find inspiring. I also like the fact that his blog is simple and easy on my eyes.

His blog is very pleasing to the eye and his posts are well thought out and enjoyable to read. He also has published a book called The Eye Dancers. I have only read a few chapters so far but what I have read I find to be interesting and unique.

Bug eyed harmonica playing boy image


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