A Day In The Life

My life has become boring, well except for drama that occurs. The following post is what usually occurs everyday. Some days are different, maybe go out somewhere as a family or on “good pain days” I will do a lot more. Once in a great, great while I can get out to see my friends. That’s another thing, experiencing chronic pain makes for a very almost non existent social life. I have had to cancel plans at the last minute several times. It is good the few friends I have are so understanding.

I want to travel the world, I want to go hiking. Real hiking where I would rough it for a day or two and really hike. One of my dreams is to kayak around and camp in the Boundary Waters ( BWCAW ), I am crossing my fingers that that will happen this summer.

Steve took it / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-SA

  I want to just do anything without limitations. Maybe take a road trip to my parents in AZ. I have done that a few times and I really loved it. I would rather road trip than take a plane. I have seen so much doing road trips down to AZ, more than just looking out an airplane window at a bunch of clouds and tops of mountains.

Iguana sunbathing on top of Arizona mountain
Pretty sure this is an iguana. This photo was taken with a regular pocket sized 35 mm camera around 13 years ago. There is nothing like climbing a mountain and seeing wild lizards sunbathing.

My days consist of waking up really early so I have quiet before the rest of the house wakes up. Then I do some writing, I seem to have the best ideas in the morning. Then I wake Peanut for school, no need to wake Ladybug, she has to be one of the only teenagers that wakes at 6:00 every morning. I hang out with Peanut for a bit then I help her get ready for school and I get myself ready for my boring day. Sometimes I have to wake hubby ( let’s call him Double-D ) because he is in his last semester of college. He has classes at 8:00 am.
I drop her off, grab the mail ( small town I live in we don’t have mailboxes, have to go to post office to get our mail ), head home to lay on my heating pad and write some more. The house is quiet, almost too quiet. I love the peace but I am so used to chaos and noise the quiet almost deafens my ears and makes me dizzy.
I then write my to do list, most of the time I cannot do much of said list but I try my hardest. Then I get up to do dishes or a load of laundry. I proceed to let the dog out and head back to my heating pad.

Sometimes I have appointments which I hate. I hate HAVING to go to Dr appointments, probably due to having to go to so many of them in the past two years. Getting poked, prodded, painful areas being pushed on, questioned and the same thing over and over again.
I write some more or do twittering or face booking. Or chit chat with Miracle ( she is temporarily living with us ) or call my best friend.
I do some more of my to do list and then back to my heating pad.

By this time I usually have to pick up Peanut. Going inside the school and seeing all those little kids makes me miss my job. I miss working at “The Daycare”. My pain and other health issues make it impossible to go back right now. Sometimes I even miss the kids who constanly misbehaved. Staff at childcare centers and schools are not supposed to get attached to kids, it isn’t a rule it is just advice by experts in child development. Advice to prevent heartache when the child leaves or when a staff member leaves. I didn’t follow that advice, I got attached to quite a few kids. I saw many of them everyday, I tended to their needs for 8+ hours a day, five days a week. How could a person not get attached? Especially watching them grow up, going from the infant room to being transitioned to the preschool area.

As with most kids Peanut takes off her jacket and other winter gear and leaves it strewn about on the floor. She makes her way to her room to have some alone quiet time ( I am quite certain it is because she needs that quiet, wind down time after being around noise and 15 kids all day ) then she asks me to play Barbie’s or do something with her. Of course I say yes! I admit it, I still enjoy playing Barbie’s. Or we may do a quick craft or color. Then I usually clean a bit or start dinner.

Peanut, Ladybug, Miracle, Tadpole and myself hang out, chat or whatever. I love that time with my girls. They are funny and wise beyond there years which makes for interesting conversation. I can even talk about society, political issues, conspiracy theories and world events with Miracle, she has as much interest in it as I do.

We eat dinner then Peanut has a bath. Past few days we have been watching baking shows on YouTube such as Nerdy Nummies. Peanut loves cooking so I am using videos as a way to keep her interest going along with having her help me cook and bake. Then it is time for bed if she has school the next day.

Then I am off to lay down in my bed, sometimes on my heating pad again. Oh and I take my evening meds at 5 and 7, I have alarms set for taking them. Otherwise I would forget.

I may write if I have ideas, if not I play game apps, social network or read while I watch DVR shows like Americans, Vikings or Carries Diary.

As you can see I don’t live an extraordinary life but I know someday it will be.

To read a little about who Tadpole, Ladybug, Peanut and Miracle are go to my About page

Photo credit: Steve took it / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-SA


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