Sympathy And Tears

I feel the pain of my kids, the emotional and physical pain. Are mothers naturally in tune with their children?

h.koppdelaney / Flowers Photos / CC BY-ND

When my older daughters ( 16 year old, let’s call her Ladybug and 20 year old, I will call her Miracle ) come to me with tears streaming down their face I immediately wish I could take their pain away.
More recently ( this past weekend ) Miracle got cheated on by her live in boyfriend/fiance. He has made several mistakes in the past, but he was always forgiven. He has broke her heart but she still loves him. I wish I could make it all better, the best I can do is hug her, tell her I am always here, and offer some ways to fix her issue. I tell her I am by her side through it all.

When Ladybug comes to me crying because for some unknown reason she feels sad, once again just like with Miracle I want to take all the sadness away. All I can do is hug her, talk to her and give her advice. Sometimes all she needs is a shoulder to cry on, no words to be said.

My 5 year old ( I will call her Peanut ) comes to me sobbing telling me her cousin is being mean to her or won’t share a toy. I give her a hug and go try to remedy the situation. Sometimes it is very minor in my mind, but in Peanuts mind it is a huge deal. I always treat it as such.
At times I cry along with my girls when they come to me sobbing. I feel what they are feeling, at times I can relate to what they are going through, and I feel such sympathy/empathy.

My eyes tear up as I write this, I just always want my kids happy. I know it isn’t realistic but that’s my wish. In a way, I think that it is my job to keep them happy, I get disappointed with myself when they cannot cheer up. On the days when they are full of smiles and constant giggles it makes me feel so fuzzy and their good mood uplifts mine.

It has been one of those weekends where I spent most of the time consoling Miracle and exhausting myself to try to make her feel just even a little better. I feel it is my job first and foremost to be there for my kids. Writing had to take a backseat for most of the past three days, but all seems Ok today so back to writing :).

Photo credit: h.koppdelaney / / CC BY-ND


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