No, Minnesotans Really Don’t Talk Like That

I have seen the movie Fargo quite a few times and I find it funny how the actors portray us Minnesotans in the movie. I am far from being offended by it.
Most Minnesotans do not talk like that. We do not say “Yea you betcha”, we do say “Oh yea ya know” quite frequently though haha. I catch myself saying it all the time. I have heard many people say “Oh, geez” but I am thinking people in other states say that. They do, don’t they?

Some movies that portray Minnesotans show them as turtleneck and mom jean wearing women. No, some may dress that way but most women have style and follow trends. And many people make their own, cool style.

We call bubbly drinks like Pepsi and Coke, pop. I have tried so hard to call it soda but I assume it is bred into to me to call it pop. I guess we are one of the few states that call it pop.

Many people think all we eat is Lutefisk. Yuck! I have never eaten it, and I never will.

Most Minnesotans are not ignorant and stupid. Many of us are actually quite intelligent and possess street smarts. We are not naive, we really do know what is going on in the world.

There is this label we have “Minnesota Nice”, it is a myth to be honest. There are rude and disrespectful people all over Minnesota. Many are actually quite crabby. I am pretty sure it is due to our long winters which last anywhere from 6-7 months. Then comes our unbearably humid and hot summers which last about 4-5 months. Some years we have a slightly shorter winter which gives us some actually spring/fall weather. Our weather tends to be really unpredictable. One week all the snow is melting, then the next week we get pounded by a foot of snow and temperatures dip to about 10° with a -20° wind chill. A joke within our state is we have two seasons, winter and summer.

Do any of you remember The Golden Girls show? And do you remember Rose Nylund played by Betty White? She was from St. Olaf, Minnesota and she portrayed a ditzy, naive woman on the show. No we are not like that, well maybe a few but there are naive, ditzy people in every state.

And yes Wisconsin is our rival. Wisconsinites make fun of Minnesotans and vice versa. Its just the way it is. Even the Wisconsin state troopers, sheriffs and other law authority figures seem to enjoy pulling over Minnesotans. I also think it is same thing when Wisconsin drivers come into Minnesota. Also our football teams are rivals. When MN Vikings play against Green Bay Packers it is very intense. I really don’t enjoy watching football much anymore but when I get the chance I definitely watch Vikings vs Packers.

There’s a myth that we have massive mosquitoes, like the size of birds ( Ok that’s extreme ha). We do have a huge mosquito problem in our state but really they don’t get that big. We invest in all sorts of mosquito repellants and supposedly citronella candles do not work. Well they never worked for me anyway.

We really do have well over 10,000 lakes. Especially where I live, I am surrounded by lakes. Any direction we can drive and end up finding a beautiful lake within half hour from our house. Our state is known for really good fishing, many people visit our state just to fish.

Hope this has cleared up any myths and remember, we really don’t talk like that.


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