Cruelty and Disrespect

Cayusa / / CC BY-NC

The moral of treating people with kindness doesn’t exist in some people. I cannot understand how certain people think it is Ok to treat a person so horribly bad. Or even treat their loved ones like they are nothing.
One of the many things I believe in is “Do unto others as they do unto you“. I absolutely adore people but those that refuse to treat me with kindness and respect should not expect it from me. I treat all with kindness until they treat me like a piece of crap then my claws come out.
In our society it seems as though more and more people are losing kindness and respect for one another. At one time I wasn’t shocked when a stranger held open a door for me, now I am completely thankful. Or when a stranger smiles at me inside a grocery store, that I used to happen more often then not.
I wonder if it is due to more stress people are under. So many losing jobs, so many having to depend on the county for financial assistance and so many trying to figure out how they are going to feed their kids. Smiles and helping strangers isn’t on their priority list. I suppose I understand but that doesn’t give anyone the right to treat others with disrespect such as calling them names or yelling at them or picking fights for no real reason. Stress isn’t a good excuse to treat people like crap, adults should know how to handle their emotions and not fly off the handle.
This world would be a fantastic place if everyone could just treat each other with respect and kindness. Now I sound like I am giving a speech at the Miss America pageant ha. But it is actually true.


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