Eggs, Peeps, and Food Galore

Dying eggs is one of mine and my kid’s favorite things to do. Something that is so simple but yet fun and cheap.
Coloring Easter eggs is both a Christian and a Pagan tradition. I have seen a lot of posts on Facebook about the history of Easter and Easter egg coloring, many arguments too. I will not get into that here due to unknown real history of it all. “Facts” are shrouded with speculation. And this blog post is not meant to spark arguments.

My 5 year old called the tongs “tweezers”. I suppose they are kind of like tweezers, it is the same concept. Tweezers for food.

I have tried egg dying gadgets in the past and they usually don’t work like how they are advertised. My granddaughter received an egg spinner( that’s what is in image above ) from her great-grandma. It worked really well and my almost 2 year old granddaughter had a lot of fun. And she didn’t get full of egg dye.

Made sugar cookies, frosted them and put edible grass and jelly beans on top. They were pretty tasty. I think my family thought so too because out of 20 of them there is only four left.

The traditional peeps. Sugary covered marshmallow goodness that makes your teeth cringe as you bring it to your mouth.

This year I decided to cut back on the amount of money that is spent on filling the Easter baskets. I am really trying to live more frugally and to not be so wrapped up in the materialistic side of the holidays. My 5 year old loved what she got even though it wasn’t much. I also try my best to get baskets that can be used to organize toys. This one will go really well with her Hello Kitty themed room.

Every Easter I go all out and exhaust myself. I make tons of food for just eight people, cookies, and deserts. I was so tired and in pain last night I told my older children they get to do next major holiday dinner. Now I know why my mother went to my grandmas every major holiday, it is so much work. But yet at the same time I think it is also worth it, I look at as a gift to my family. And when they all say “Oh mom it is so good!” I get fuzzy inside.


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