Am I Crazy or Just Quirky?

Little quirks make us who we are, they make us unique. If we hide our true selves what do we gain? I really know when to be serious but I enjoy having fun. Also, it isn’t immaturity, it is quirks and my joy of life shining through. The way I see it, why do we always have to act our age? Where is the joy in that?

So what if I……

laugh at everything like I am a little kid. Doesn’t mean I am immature, it means I enjoy life and I have a vivid imagination. I can picture everything that people say to me.

cannot use utensils at a restaurant if they have touched the table, I don’t know how well that table has been washed and sanitized. Everyone that knows me thinks that is just so weird, they call me a germaphob.

really enjoy watching Good Luck Charlie and Jessie with my 5 year old. I used to enjoy watching Sponge Bob with my kids when they were young but now I find it a wee bit annoying. Here’s a little secret too, my husband and I used to watch ICarly even when none of the kids were home. Hmmm, I better not let my husband know I am including that in this post ;).

love going down the slide at the playground. I am still a kid at heart and I am proud of that fact. I wish I could swing though, most of the time it makes me too dizzy.

talk to my dog Haas. Sometimes it looks like he knows what I am saying. And really I know a lot of people who do that.

continue to finish reading a child’s book well after my 5 year old has gone to sleep. It goes back to being reminded of the times when I was young. Been reading Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing to her, I read about 10 pages last night after she fell asleep.


throw around a ball with my kids inside a store. Yes people look at us funny, but we aren’t hurting anyone. We are making the annoying task of shopping more fun. And it makes my kids laugh which makes me feel fuzzy inside.

like pushing all the buttons on toys at the store. Press each paw of the several Elmo’s consecutively. Maybe that is borderline immaturity but it makes my kids giggle.

enjoy coloring in a color book with my 5 year old. Its a calming activity that many adults should try even if they don’t have children.

have to sleep a certain way, has to be perfect or else I cannot fall asleep. Even when my husband puts his arm around me I cannot fall asleep. He has gotten used to that.

have to have things a certain way. Like how i hang my clothes, all hangers need to be straight and even ( and no wire hangers allowed in my closet ) or how i roll up all the towels and wash clothes when I put them away. It just makes me feel better.

say is usually odd, goofy or unrelated to subject that everyone else is talking about. Random thoughts are shared, people end up looking at me like I am an alien.

act crazy with my teenage daughters while we are shopping. One example that happened not too long ago, they ( my 16 year old and my 20 year old )set up small Gumbies in each of the pet section aisles, the looks on customer faces were priceless. They did end up picking them up and putting them back though. They do end up telling me that they have a lot of fun shopping with me. Once again, that makes me feel all fuzzy inside.

have an urge to look up information about everything. I NEED to know, I love learning new things. My husband tells me I am odd and I say its fine, thanks for compliment.

I know I am quirky, seems like it gets worse the older I get. It doesn’t matter though, I see people who hide their real self in fear that they may get laughed at. I say SO WHAT let them laugh. I honestly don’t care what a stranger may think about me.
My husband, friends and even my kids sometimes tell me I am goofy, I say thank you.
Find balance between seriousness and fun, you may enjoy life a little more.

photo credit: jeff_golden via photopin cc Elmo

photo credit: ucumari via photopin cc Polar Bear With Ball

photo credit: drpavloff via photopin cc Metal Slide

photo credit: jah~ via photopin cc Gumby

photo credit: Peewubblewoo via photopin cc Rolled Up Towels


4 thoughts on “Am I Crazy or Just Quirky?

  1. I completely agree with you! I’m quite odd but I would much prefer to be the one having fun and enjoying myself rather than sitting there hoping people think I’m cool!

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