Our Surprise!

Since we moved into our house July of 2012 we ( my husband and I ) wondered what could be under all the carpet in the house. He pulled up a few corners in the living room and what do we see under it? Hardwood floor! I was so excited and happy. Then he did the same in all three bedrooms. Hardwood floor in our room but some kind of very ugly tile in the other two bedrooms.
About a month ago while I was taking a nap my husband ( and with the help of my granddaughters father ) removed all the carpet in the living room. He wanted to surprise me, which I thought was a sweet gesture. What he found was quite disturbing. After all that work and thinking that the whole floor was real hardwood he found out that there was a huge section with just tar paper. When I woke up after my nap I saw the floor and almost cried. Then that look in my husbands eyes like he somehow disappointed me was quite sad. I told him it is Ok, we can fix it. We put a big area rug on top of tar paper, it covers most of it.


As of today we still have part hardwood, part tar paper floor. Due to my husband getting laid of a couple weeks after we found out we couldn’t afford to go get new flooring. And we honestly have no idea what to do with it. Maybe a bigger area rug to completely cover the massive square. We also do not like buying anything on credit. We do our best to pay upfront for everything. Except for our house of course.

Another thought I had was why was the floor like that? Who would they do a floor hardwood then leave a big square shaped portion naked? I still don’t understand, I gave up trying to figure it out.

If any of you have any clue why someone would do a floor this way please comment below.


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