Balancing Life

So at 6:00 this morning I had a random thought, yes I constantly have random thoughts even when I first wake up or while trying to fall asleep. It is a curse and a blessing at the same time.
So anyway, do we do a good job at balancing everything so nothing in our life gets neglected? Many of us, including myself could probably say no to that question. Reason I say that is because if we put all of our focus on our kids and partner then something gets neglected whether it be yourself or your job. Or if all your focus goes onto your job and your kids then maybe your partner won’t get the attention he/she needs.
Here is an example of a point in my life that I had a hard time finding balance. This was about a year and half ago. I was working full time, going to college full time, raising kids, cleaning our house, and on and on. My husband was also working full time and going to school full time. Something had to get neglected there and it did. I started to fail my classes, I was exhausted at work, I had maybe an hour a day with my kids, and I rarely saw my husband. It was becoming too much for me, I had to quit school. I know someday I will finish but not right now. My priorities are my family, healing my physical issues, and writing.
Even right now I am having a difficult time finding balance. While I write people demand my attention and no I am not talking about my children. I am also having a hard time fitting in social time into everything else I am doing. I miss my friends, I really need to take at least one or two days a month to visit with them. And there are days where I get so into writing I get nothing done around the house. Not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing. Or I get so into doing things around the house that I don’t get much writing done.
From now on I need to balance things in my life much better. Best time to do it is right now!


7 thoughts on “Balancing Life

  1. I am exactly the same way, on bad pain days I feel horrible because I didn’t accomplish anything but on good pain days I do too much then I pay for it next day! Thanks for explaining what it is. I’m going to try it. Do you set a timer or just keep an eye on the clock?

  2. This is a big issue in my life at the moment, too, I’ve spent the weekend thinking about new ways of working – due to pain and health issues, I can no longer sit at a laptop all day and work. I found a system called ‘pomodoros’ that I’ll be road testing this week. I’ve never really cracked the time management thing in 5 years of self employment, and can get lost in work for days, neglecting everything else I need to do (including chill out / see people / eat!!). I don’t have kids though, I have the utmost repect for wonder-women like you who even try to balance all this stuff!

    • It is so difficult to successfully manage time when in pain or having other constant health issues. Makes it even harder. I am curious about pomodoros, what is it? Or I suppose I could look it up on the net lol. Thanks for compliment, but I have slowed down a lot. I’m thinking I am more of a partial super woman haha.

      • It’s a system of dividing the things you have to do in to small chunks (25 minutes). For me, it’s a way of being really aware of how long I’ve been sat at a computer screen for, and making sure I balance that time with other things in my life. I tend to either totally overdo work (on a good pain day) or do absolutely nothing and feel like a failure (on a bad pain day), so I’ll try it anyway! Partial super woman is still amazing 🙂

  3. Finding balance in our lives is a challenge for many. When I constantly feel stressed and as if I’m doing a million things, but accomplishing nothing, I know it’s time to re-evaluation my schedule.

    • It also goes with taking one thing at a time, maybe take a short breather between each thing. So many things to keep in mind to just get through the day/week/month.

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