Anniversary of Becoming a Parent?


On our way back from shopping my husband and I talked about holidays including Mothers day and Fathers day. A point he made was this, why not celebrate anniversary of being a parent on a child’s birthday instead of having a Mothers and Fathers day? Now I agree with this somewhat in that when us parents celebrate the birth of our children we really should celebrate becoming parents. However, on the other hand a child’s birthday is a special day for them, to celebrate the anniversary of becoming a parent would take away from that special day.
And now to another point, society has put a lot of pressure on spouses to buy gifts, make dinner, plan something extra special, and high expectations for meeting demands of spouse on their special day. A mother/father should be pampered and appreciated more than one day a year ( I am excluding birthday and Valentine’s day ). I really didn’t think about all this until today. I will admit I always had huge expectations for my kids and husband to make Mothers day extra special, and that led to disappointment. But the discussion my husband and I had today put things into a different perspective.
Next post I think I may share my thoughts about the other holidays. Until then, enjoy your weekend!

Photo credit: Aih. / / CC BY


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