The Little Things

Starting  my day with a hot, strong cup of coffee with a little vanilla coffee creamer is my cup of happiness. During the holiday months a special limited time flavored coffee creamer that tastes exactly like pumpkin pie is on the grocery shelf, I love it. When I first lay my eyes on that delicious rich creamer I snatch it off the shelf like someone else is going to take it from me. It is that one little thing that makes me smile.

Planting vegetable seeds and seeing that small bit of green poke up out of the soil makes me grin from ear to ear, ( when I say from ear to ear it is close to the truth, I have been told i have the “Jokers” smile ). The seedlings grow even a few inches and I feel a sense of accomplishment.




A walk down a rocky path surrounded by large trees and colorful wildflowers. I feel such a sense of calm and happiness when I am in the woods. No noises except the rustling leaves of a trembling aspen, the rocks underfoot as I walk the path, birds singing their sweet songs, and the rustling of leaves on the forest floor caused by a squirrel or some other small animal. Finding beauty in otherwise ugly things like a mushroom or a plain rock. Maybe even a brown crusty leaf.


When I come home and I am greeted by my beautiful dog Haas. It almost looks like he is smiling and he acts like I have been gone for weeks when I have only been gone for ten minutes. The cute face he has when he wants me to share my meal or snack with him, his eyes almost become puppy like ( he is 2 years old so he is no longer a little puppy ). I just shared some of my pistachios with him, I cannot resist those sweet little eyes. Such a manipulator he is :).


I hear a scratching sound in the kitchen, what do you think I find when I went in there? Picture above says it all. Having a depressing day only to find something so little that makes me giggle. Another instance where something so simple can lighten up the darkness of my day.

Getting woken up at 2:00 in the morning by my 5 year old because she wants a hug then she makes her way back to her Hello Kitty clad bed.

Those peaceful, quiet moments before sleep. When everyone and everything is quietly slumbering. I can process my thoughts without interruption. I can analyze, write, read and learn.

The taste of a perfectly made cake. The right sweetness, not too dry and not too moist. An even layer of rich chocolate frosting that makes me scrape the last smears off my plate. Or a perfectly seasoned well made piece of chicken, and made from scratch mashed potatoes ( including the lumps ).

When a writing idea suddenly pops into my head. I get excited and my heart starts pumping fast as i grab anything to record that idea. I must write it down before my horrible memory loses it.

Everyone in my home is in a fantastic mood. I love the happiness, it makes me smile.
The little things that I love that sometimes get forgotten when life gets too chaotic. I have to remind myself often.


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