Sacrifices We Make After Having Kids

Almost non existent social life. Going out with your friends even once a month is a lot in your mind.

If you have a life partner your romantic ( I am keeping my blog “clean”, I am sure you all know what I am trying to say ) life is also close to non existent. No more once or twice or more a day.

Tired not due to partying, but due to being woken up in the middle of the night by your children and not being able to go back to sleep

When hurting or sick we usually cannot rest, parents do not get sick days. Dragging our feverish, achey body around while caring for our children.

When all we want to do is cry some days we keep it to ourselves because we don’t want our children to see

No longer buying expensive clothes because of fear your kids will ruin them or your teenage daughter will borrow them and maybe give to a friend.

Not having the time to get haircut every 6 weeks because we are too busy with our kids schedule

It is a special occasion when you wear all of your make-up, most days you just use ChapStick and consider that ” putting your face on”

Having to take out a loan just to feed your children when they are having their growth spurts. They eat all day long! “I am hungry” is something you hear every 15 minutes

Wearing plain underwear, maybe granny panties, you no longer find the little lacey ones realistic/proper. However, you do have a couple pairs but you save your little lacey undergarments for that once every couple months time with your partner

Spontaneity has gone on the back burner, must plan everything

Yourself has also gone on back burner, your focus is on your kids

Rainy day shopping fund is now the kids college fund

Being distracted by the constant “mooooommy”, takes days just to write a blog post or getting around to that goal of 500 words a day is a miracle

Sanity and quiet peace no longer exists except when all children are sleeping, or when they are at school

Really clean house, yes you may never have this. Toys everywhere, dusting that hasn’t been done in a month, or paperwork scattered all over kitchen table.

Your sanity! Yes there will be days where you will feel like your brain is oatmeal!


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