My Brain Has Turned To Oatmeal….The Apple Cinnamon Kind


She drank stagnant water out of a bathtub toy. I tell her to stop because she will get a stomach ache yet she keeps doing it. I am talking about my 16 year old… really I am talking about my 5 year old.

She wants me to toss Barbie’s into her bath water so that they look like they are diving into a big pool.

She scattered books from her room, through the hallway and into our room ( there had to have been 40+ books on the floor ) so we can step on the books and not get burned by the hot lava. Of course I played along, it was a fun little game. She refused to pick them up.

She calls plastic knives, garbage knives.

image Image “Scattered Plastic Knives” by Kristy Wallace (Me)

She tried to figure out how to get a VHS tape into the DVD player. She has known how to work a DVD player for a long time, however she didn’t quite know how the ancient VCR worked. Yes we have a dual DVD/VCR, I admit it! I’m pretty sure that means I have one foot in the past and one foot in the present as far as technology goes.

She wants to play slap jack over and over. So much that the cards become blurry which makes me lose due to not being able to see the
difference between the queen and jacks.

Her older sisters unfortunately got her hooked on Lady Gaga.

YouTube has become her addiction, she freaks if she doesn’t get her video fix.

She wanted to make a card for her cousin. It turned out cute but she made a disaster of a mess in the process. Pieces of cut up pipe cleaner, little pieces of ribbon, and foam stickers scattered on her princess table and on the floor.

It is snowing/ice/sleet today so there will be no outside play today, blah! Pretty sure she has cabin fever due to wearing her swimsuit around the house. She said she is sick of winter, she wants it to be summer.

These were events that occurred in the span of 4 or so hours last weekend.

Manipulator by taking advantage of my middle of the night sleepiness by asking me “mommy can I cuddle with you?” I vaguely would remember saying yes, I mean how can I say no to that? She has gotten too old to come to our bed unless she has nightmares then its okay.

There is not a minute or even a second that goes by where she isn’t asking a question such as “what are lips made of” or singing a made up song. Talk, talk, talk! My husband and I struggled to get her to start talking when she was 1 1/2-3 years old. We were worried and wondered if something was wrong. Then like a bat out of hell the words flew at the speed of light. She hasn’t stopped and now I have a fear she may NEVER stop. Will she interrupt and frustrate her teachers? Will I get endless phone calls from her school in the future?
If she isn’t talking or singing she is usually dancing. Endless energy that is intensified when she is tired. Rumor has it is that when kids are overly tired they get hyper due to the fear if they stop they may fall asleep and in turn they may miss out on something.

My lovely Monday mornings where my kids are at school after a looooong weekend and I can call my soul sister or have some me time( oh and of course write posts for blog ). I can also recover some of my brain that turned to oatmeal…..the apple cinnamon kind.

What do your kids do that makes your brain turn to oatmeal?


4 thoughts on “My Brain Has Turned To Oatmeal….The Apple Cinnamon Kind

  1. Yes, this sounds like an average Saturday in the house with my toddler. I was so thankful we had wonderful weather this weekend, so we could go to the park. Sweetpea gets stir-crazy if we don’t get out of the house on the weekends.

    • Ah you must live somewhere warm unlike me lol. We just had another snow storm/blizzard. Snow day yesterday so there wasn’t school, I had to entertain my 5 year old. We did have a lot of fun though. I know how it is when kids get stir crazy, it can be tough to handle. Thanks for checking out my blog 🙂

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