Dust Bunnies And Clutter


Do you have dust bunnies the size of your cat or piles of papers scattered on your desk? Honestly, who doesn’t?? Well maybe I am exaggerating the size of dust bunnies, I have never seen them that big.
Do you have a hard time organizing, getting into a good cleaning routine or do you not have the time to declutter and/or clean? I found ways through trial and error over the past decade that have helped me to focus, get into a cleaning routine and to delegate tasks.


At times I do get distracted when I am organizing or cleaning then I forget what I was doing in the first place! I have to remind myself to complete a task then I can move onto next task. It can be so difficult to focus when my kids (and husband hehe) are always interrupting me. One way I remedy that is by telling my 16 year old to just wait until I am finished or if it is a true emergency she can interrupt me. I set my 5 year old up with a project, movie or she can play with her play-doh. That usually gives me about 15-30 minutes of cleaning or organizing. I also tell her when I am done I will play Barbie’s, color or play a game with her. One more tip to stay focused is to do a task list. I am a list junkie, I do lists for just about everything.


I have heard that if we do something more than ten times it becomes habit and routine. I have a certain routine every single morning, if it is thrown off in anyway I get agitated ( I wonder if that is normal haha). For me a cleaning routine was easy once I got into the groove. All I did was do similar things at the same time everyday and after about a week I was able to just do it without thinking because it became habit. However, for past two years it has been more difficult due to my chronic pain and other physical limitations. On my good days though I tend to get back to my old routine which is wash a load of clothes, then wash dishes, then focus on cleaning one room. It is kind of funny how I cannot do cleaning until I get a load of clothes into washer and/or wash dishes. It has been that way for a long time. Guess the saying ” old habits die hard” is true in this case ;).


I have had that feeling where I would walk into my very messy 5 year olds room and think ” where do I start?!?” I honestly would prefer to just run out of the room and shut the door but nothing would get done if I did that. So what I do is I focus on one small area at a time such as make the bed or clean off dresser. Then I move on to another small area until it is done. Then I can dust and organize until it is done :). When it comes to getting rid of clutter or having to organize things I have gotten very overwhelmed at the thought of how much needs to be done! What gets me motivated and get over that overwhelming feeling is once again I focus on one small area at a time. I would organize one drawer in the kitchen or set a timer for 15 minutes. Once the 15 minutes is up I move onto something else. Both of those methods work very well for me.


Yes sometimes I have a hard time with motivation in all aspects of my life. I have chalked it up to ” it is just the way I am”. One thing that really helps me to get motivated to clean and organize is to get dressed, do my make-up and do my hair. I am unsure why this works but all that matters is it really works for me. Maybe staying in my pj’s makes my mind think of being lazy hehe, I do not know!


I have always had an issue with asking for help. I even got written up once about ten years ago for not asking for help! Yes it was really that bad! Over time I have been slowly working on getting better at delegating. Ever since my chronic pain started two years ago I have REALLY worked on delegating. There is many things i cannot/shouldn’t do such as take out garbage, vaccuum, lift anything over ten lbs, and bending over to pick things up off the floor. Sometimes even dusting and doing dishes can be painful. What I do is ask for help from my daughters and husband. Some days my 5 year old LOVES to help me, and secret to getting my 16 year old to help me is by writting her a list and telling her she cannot go anywhere until it is done. What also works with my family is if I really express my pain and that I need help to get house clean. Some days I am bedridden so I really need their help then.

I hope these tips will help you as much as they have helped me. Do you have any tips on cleaning and getting things done? How do you get motivated to get things done?


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