Is Blood Really Thicker Than Water?

Have you heard the cliche “blood is thicker than water”?

To a certain degree I believe that cliche however I have a dear friend who is not blood related yet I love her like a sister. We call each other soul sisters because we believe we are somehow connected with not blood but our souls.
I really consider her to be my soul mate. She is someone I can completely trust and rely on. She is someone I consider to be my sister in my past life (yep I believe in reincarnation, but that is a post for another day), someone who ALWAYS has my back and someone I can always vent to. We know everything about each other, she does not judge me and I do not judge her. We lean on each other when we need support to get through issues with our kids, relationships, and any other problem that may arise. We are happy for each other when something good happens in our lives. We brainstorm about what we should create and help each other when we have hit the creative “wall”.She even helped me to get my mind on track to write this blog post. She is my soul sister :).
We do have our differences such as religious beliefs but we do not shove our beliefs down each others throats. But no matter what we believe we will never think differently of each other. I accept her for who she is and she does same for me.
She wrote a few poems about our friendship. With her permission I am posting them. One I had to type, however I was able to post image of the other one.

Sisters Of The Soul

Two sisters not of blood but of the soul, much closer than you can see
Knowing each others secrets so deep that only Jesus can see
A friendship that withstands time even though they were separated for a short time

They knew they would be together again
For two sisters of the soul will always know where ever one goes
Because two sisters of the soul will always know……
Vergean & Verdella

You don’t always find your soulmate in your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend. We found that we are soulmates forever.

Our friendship has lasted for almost two decades and I highly doubt it will ever end. I am thankful everyday to have a friend like her because I know these kinds of friends are really hard to find. She pictures us as two old ladies rocking in wooden chairs on the porch looking at the men walk by! Hahaha yes she makes me laugh too.

Don’t get me wrong I love my husband dearly and I consider him to be the one I stay with for the rest of my life but I do not believe he is my soulmate and that is ok in my mind.

Do you believe the cliche blood is thicker than water? I would love to know what your thoughts are :).


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