Losing Creativity


Anyone who writes, draws, paints or participates in any other creative form has hit the creative block at some point. It can be highly frustrating and I often wonder if my creativity would/will come back. I enjoy drawing with pencil and have for close to a year now. For first nine months floods of ideas came to my head, sometimes I could not keep up. Then suddenly it was gone, just like that! I tried going on the internet to find inspiration, I looked at everything in my house to find something interesting to draw, and I even tried finding ideas through a very dear friend of mine. None of it worked, in fact I got even more frustrated. I have even gone through writer block and that lasted for close to three years. No matter what I did I could not get any ideas as to what to put on paper. Then as suddenly as my writing creativity went it quickly came back just a couple weeks ago. My drawing creativity went and writing came back, I do not quite understand why this has happened. Maybe my interest in drawing has gone on the
back burner to let my writing be more of my focus. Or maybe I feel like I want more people out there to read all the many thoughts. Whatever the reason, I am a little sad that my drawing ideas are not there. However, I am thankful that my writing ideas have come back.

So what do we creative types do when we hit that “wall”? Maybe some of the ideas I stated previously may work for you or maybe we need to analyze why we hit that wall. I do know that stress, busy schedules and various other factors can hinder our creativity. But maybe meditating before writing or drawing can help flood the brain with ideas. Or maybe try sitting outside on a sunny day at a park or in your own backyard.

I have came to the realization that I will just go with the flow of my creativity and not stress about losing it. That would be the first step in trying to get my drawing and crafting groove back.

What do you do when you have suddenly lost your creativity?

Credit for Brick Wall and Roots Image: Witthaya Phonsawak, website free digital photos.net


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