When Life Hands You Lemons, Make Lemonade

I consider myself to be the type of person who wakes just about every morning telling myself today is going to be a wonderful day. Of course realistically I am not always the most positive woman everyday but I do my best to look at life in a different perspective. Quite frequently I find myself trying to uplift my husband, my daughters, my best friend and many others even when I am in need of some uplifting. When I am in need of changing my negative frame of mind myself there are several things I have done and still do that help me to be more at ease. 
I have been doing my best to live frugally, however on some occasions when I think about how I have to buy some of my clothes at a thrift store or having to go without a haircut for six months or more I get frustrated. I try to overcome that by thinking there are others who are worse off than I am and instead of wishing I had more I become thankful for what I do have. I also think about how I am helping the environment by shopping at thrift stores and only buying what I need.
When my children are fighting, having a crabby attitude or not doing what I ask them to do I do get stressed at times. What do I do to try to overcome that? Several things such as leaving the situation for even just five minutes to calm down or try to talk to my kids to find out what could be causing the fighting or crabbiness. One must have a certain level of patience to calmly talk to their child when it gets stressful. Leaving the situation for a few minutes to calm down really helps to recover some calmness.
Lastly, many of us have issues trying to pay all the bills on time every month. So do you get stressed out due to that? I used to about 15 years ago (eek I think I just dated myself), but then I discovered that if something is not in my control I cannot stress about it. If I cannot do anything to fix my money problems then I need to put my energy on things I can control in my life. And because of that I have had less depression, anxiety and I can enjoy life more. Once again it goes back to what I said, “things could always be worse”.

If you tell yourself these things everyday over time you may find yourself more at peace and maybe enjoy life a little more.


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